Our vision

Thoulstone Park is a revitalised hub for sustainability, regeneration and community.

Those who come will feel a sense of rejuvenation and connection with nature.


Our Values

At Thoulstone Park, we are committed to sustainability and responsible resource management. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and support local businesses and organizations that share our values.


it requires mindful application of living and working such that  we strive not to take away from the environment, rather we aim to live in harmony and balance with it.


Where the ecology has been damaged due to mankind's intervention, we seek to accelerate the re-wildling of these areas through mixed broadleaf reforesting, sowing wild flowers and creating bodies of water


Working with those who have sustainability at their core as well those that are curious about it whilst serving the local community.

The story of Thoulstone Park

Our History


Golf Course founded

Thoulstone Golf Club opens as an 18 hole course with 20 driving bays.


Golf Course no longer

Golf Club closed abruptly following a rejected planning application for a mansion on site.

2002 - 2012

Abandoned for 10 years

Abondoned for 10 years, leaving derelict buildings and waste dumped on site. Acquired by the new owners in 2012.


Regeneration begins

A new vision for Thoulstone Park! The revitalisation project commences with the first phase of tree planting.



Construction commences for Farm shop, Restaurant and 6 houses, with spaces available for partners and community initiatives.

2024 and beyond


We opened in Spring of 2024 and look forward to bringing on board local sustainable partners and kicking off our events calendar.

The Site

A derelict golf course with a wobbly past but a bright future. Restaurant/cafe, commercial space, outdoor activities, regular events, vibrant woodland,  extensive trails and ponds – so much to see and do.

The Founders

Thoulstone Park is a family owned and run project.

Alka Hughes-Hallett

Alka is a seasoned entrepreneur having set up a clothing manufacturing business, a Greek restaurant and fast food outlets in Hong Kong. She is also a happy mother of four.

James Hughes-Hallett

James, a chartered accountant by training, has held a number board directorships of public and private companies, both in the UK and abroad.

Image Gallery

See the beauty of Thoulstone Park through images and videos captured by various people in our community.

Where is Thoulstone Park?


Opening Hours: 8am-6pm